Customers Feedback:


  • We have known Eric and Jacki Brown both personally and professionally for over fifteen (15) years. JE Brown Electric has performed services at my home, including; installation of a dedicated electrical line for the computer room, a whole house surge protector and the grounding of our main breaker box. We are currently contemplating a whole house generator and would only trust JE Brown Electric to install and maintain such an item. Brown’s service what they sell. We know we can depend upon this family owned company 24/7 when an emergency arises. Further, I also know their bill collections people; Guido #1 (Andy Brown age 5) and Guido #2 (Robbie Brown age 2), so we pay our bills on time. (Hint: Guido #1 likes cinnamon toast and Guido #2 likes mac & cheese)
    Robert Smith
    Carmel, Indiana


  • April 28, 2011
    Well for the very first time since your installation the generator kicked on last night about midnight and it’s still running now at 8:30 a.m. I informed IPL of the outage about 1:30 this morning, but it’s not fixed yet.

    Lights work, along with the computer, furnace and water heater. We’ve noticed that anything we wanted to work via electric does and we’ve had no problem.

    IPL told our neighbor that we are on a low voltage line; in fact IPL says that they don’t even trim trees away from a low voltage line, since there are so few customers served by it. We are the next to last home on this particular line.

    Thank you for your fine work. Our main sump is running every 4 ˝ minutes and the other two are keeping themselves emptied, too.
    We’re on our way to grocery shopping. We’ll probably be back in about four hours, but we feel confident that your prior work will see that everything will keep running here.

    Thanks again,
    Cliff Bye